A response often heard on the subject of networking is, ‘I dont have the time‘ equally ‘it’s a lot of effort’ or my favourite one ‘I havent contacted that person in a while, I would feel strange reaching out now‘.

Yesterday I was doing some research for my day job on specialist equipment, I started to search for the answer on google when a thought entered my head – ‘Tony would know that!
I called him out of the blue; he seemed happy to take the call and was pleased I reached out to him recognizing his specialist knowledge. Even though we hadnt chatted in 6 months, he provided me with the answer together with some detailed background I didnt anticipate, we also had a great catch up.

This is Networking or connecting in its simplest form.
If you make yourself available to help friends and past colleagues you will find that your generosity will be repaid in kind.

Quite simply:

💯 I recognized him as someone I liked, trusted, a specialist in his field,

💯 He was happy to take my call and help me,

💯 He knows, he can call me any time and seek my counsel.

Believe it or not I once chastized my sister for not ‘googling’ the answer to something simple, she responded that she preferred the human connection, any opportunity to reach out, to communicate, to bond – SHE WAS RIGHT!

Sharing and helping is the lifeblood in our respective industry and ends up opening doors, and opportunities abound….