This is a somewhat controversial question as many Interviewers would tell you they would ‘never ask a candidate this’.

I always ask this question, why? simply because unlike some interview questions this gives you a real insight into the person.

As an avid reader, would I judge the person negatively if the answer was a poor one? absolutely.

Does that make me human, yes it does, however, this is how people operate.

Note my answer speaks to more than the book/s I am reading, It speaks to who I am as a person. The book titles will always change depending on what I am reading, however, the point is not about which book you are reading but how the Interviewee can speak to the subject intelligently.

Reading books also provide people with information to draw from for any particular subject, They also prove to be great conversation starters.

My sample answer may look something like this.

(As always, this is not a perfect answer, nor should it be)

You just brought up a topic that I am really passionate about. I read so much all through my life but stopped regularly reading in my twenties, as other interests took over. Over the last number of years, I listened to audiobooks but nearly always while doing other activities, I find that reading books is a far better way. At any time I read a number of different books.

I always have a digital one on my phone to stop me from scrolling through social media, currently, that book is ‘leadership in turbulent times‘ by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It is a study of leadership principles by Lincoln, the two Roosevelts, and Lyndon Johnson. My favorite of these Presidents was Lincoln, his upbringing was so poor, yet he made the most of every opportunity and always seemed like an old head on new shoulders. I am also reading ‘the 48 laws of power‘ by Robert Greene, he is my favorite author and his books are so rich in content.

I also read for my professional development, depending on what I am studying at the time, it amazes me how you could read something today which may not come of use for a year, but it never goes to waste.