Have you ever wondered why many behavioral questions revolve around conflict?


It is to see how the candidate handles difficult situations, communicates with people, and manages an inevitable array of relationships that occur within the workplace.


While the above appears obvious, people often construe their role in the scenario as one of the strong leader, the person in the right, one who stood up for themselves, has a backbone or proved others wrong.


That is not what you should do or what will present your best offering in an interview.


The Interviewers are looking for ownership, humility, how you deal with conflict between two individuals.


It is not about who is right; more so, how you handled conflict; can you recognize and diffuse a situation?


Recently, I mentioned a friend of mine who regularly conducts interviews. He told me about a textbook scenario that resembled the above.


He even gave them a second chance to take ownership with follow on questions. Still, the candidate didn’t understand the question, the stories offered were ill-conceived, or at least they were unaware of how to portray themselves in a positive light.


“Trivial details like the rise and fall of your position say nothing about you as a person. Only your behavior will”…
– From the Daily stoic – 23rd July – Receive Honours and slights.