As the interview progresses, ask the Interviewer follow-up questions on the topic (somewhat sparingly)

This makes it more like a conversation, an exchange of ideas, rather than a Q&A or an interrogation.

Some Companies are formulaic and believe rigidly in the structured interview.

They set the scene early and preface that the Interviewee may ask questions at the end – I hate this.

In fact, I often ask at the start, “would you mind if I ask some questions throughout so that I may have a better context for the role and what you are looking for?”

This sets such a great impression (It shows you are smart, want to make the most out of this conversation, and are prepared).

The answer to this question has never been ‘NO’; in fact, I inevitably see a look of relief in their faces that they know they have a great candidate in front of them.

Aim to make it a great conversation.