We provide the knowledge and practices which results in remarkable improvement in your interviews to open the door to your dream job. 

What You Will Receive

In one-on-one sessions with certified interview coach, Michael Creedon (founder of ‘The Interview’), you will discover the proven secrets behind consistent success in interviews.

You Will Learn How To…

  • Prepare effectively. 
  • Greatly increase your chances of Interview success from useful feedback.  
  • Approach with confidence.
  • Stay ready to prevent having to ‘get ready’ in a hurry. 
  • Successfully navigate different formats/stages of Interviews.
  • Create a lasting impression.

Why Learn to Interview?

Becoming a competent and confident Interviewee will be worth far more than just drastically increasing your chances in that one particular interview.

Knowing oneself, to be able to articulate your unique value proposition and project yourself as a likable, capable and assured professional will open doors that you have never dreamed of. 

It will also vastly improve your social interaction with colleagues, leaders and decision makers, and make you a valuable commodity.

Most importantly, it will give you options in your personal and professional life. 

On average, every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes.
Only 4 to 6 (2%) of these people will be called for an interview, and only 1 (.40%) of those will be offered a job.


Most people underestimate the importance of an Interview.

They undertake minimal preparation, learn only the basics of the prospective company, struggle to articulate their value and as a result, they suffer from nerves and confidence issues which greatly hinders their performance and their chance at success.

Even the best fitting candidate will not get a chance at their dream job if they don’t impress in Interviews to get the offer. 

People are only nervous when they are ill-prepared.

Why Learn from Michael?

Michael has transformed countless interviewee’s across industries (and all walks of life) to achieve career goals and level-up social interactions to magnetize new opportunities.

Michael will show you how to present yourself, demonstrate your value, and approach interviews with confidence, with the end goal of having you become an excellent Interviewee.

Practice Breeds Competence, Competence Breeds Confidence

Michael Creedon,
Founder of ‘The Interview’ & Certified Interview Coach

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